Winter Has Arrived

To ensure your lawn survives the Winter more or less intact there are a number of essential tasks you need to think about to help you look after your lawn this winter.

Here Are Six Winter Lawn Care Tips

  • Keep Mowing!

“It’s had its last cut of the year” is a phrase we hear a lot when the temperature drops in late autumn. Although grass is dormant in the winter months it does grow albeit very slowly. You should raise the mowing height of your mower and keep mowing at least every two or three weeks when not frosty. More mowing tips are available in our article: How to Mow Your Lawn with Care.  Alternatively, use Blue Iris Lawn Care’s year-round mowing service

  • Keep The Lawn Free From Leaves And Debris

Light is in short supply during the winter. Any leaves or fallen branches lying on the lawn can quickly cause the grass underneath to die back leaving unsightly yellow or bare patches.

  • Tackle moss now rather than spring

It may be wet and gloomy out there, and your lawn almost forgotten, but moss thrives in these conditions. Tackle the issue now rather than spring – this will have the added advantage that moss killers are high in iron which improves grass colour and hardens it off for the rest of the winter

  • Keep Off The Lawn When Frosty

Frost does not pose a significant threat to the long-term health of your lawns.  Walking on your lawn when it is covered in frost can, however, cause visible damage. Walk on a lawn when it is frosty and you will literally still see your footprints weeks later. Lawns at this time are in a dormant state so are it is likely that damage will take far longer than usual to grow out.

  • Get The Mower Serviced Early

Hardly anyone is thinking about their garden machinery right now. It is the perfect time for you to service your mower before the rush in the spring.

  • Don’t Panic If It Snows

Snow is not ideal for lawns but trying to remove it is likely to do more harm than good to the grass underneath. Far better to just sit back, enjoy the view and keep warm! Children will cause some damage when they play in the snow but it’s very difficult to deny them the experience

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