Top Dressing

Top Dressing

Just like the human body, your lawn needs a certain amount of nutrients to function as intended. Unless restored, the essential nutrients found in your lawn soil will deplete over time, leaving the lawn struggling and malnourished. A lawn which lacks nutrients won’t grow like it should, and therefore will be more susceptible to weeds, moss, insects, and disease. Thankfully, you can renourish your lawn in a number of different ways. Top dressing is a great way to rejuvenate tired grass and improve poor soil conditions, therefore creating the conditions required for a much healthier lawn.

What is Top dressing?

Top dressing is thinly applied to the surface of the lawn and generally speaking, is sand or prepared soil mix which. In our case, we use a mix containing 100% weed seed free, organic compost which contains millions of beneficial microbes.

Topdressing adds valuable nutrients, organic matter, and micro-organisms to the lawn, as a result it helps fight plant disease, break down undesirable thatch, improve heat and drought stress, and optimize seed germination and turf establishment.

Benefits of Topdressing

Top dressing can do a world of good for your lawn because it amends soils that lack nutrients, have poor structure, and are low in organic material.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Adds organic matter and reintroduces microorganisms back to the soil
  • Excellent for heat and drought stress conditions, since it acts as a mulch to help retain soil moisture
  • Assists germination after overseeding due to improved seed-to-soil contact and retains important moisture for quicker germination and establishment
  • Combined with core aeration, it allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil
  • Helps prevent turf disease
  • Helps control thatch and improves the soil
  • Improves drainage over time with repeated applications
  • Protects the grass over winter
  • Improves surface quality and smoothness by filling in cracks, gaps and minor indentations
  • Speeds up recovery from aeration and scarification

When To Apply Topdressing

When soil temperatures are cooler in Spring or Autumn are the best times to Top Dress your lawn. If your lawn has not been aerated this year, it is well worth considering this prior to applying topdressing, as it will help remove unnecessary debris from the lawn and allow the topdressing to penetrate much deeper into the soil.

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