Seasonal Treatments

Seasonal Treatments

Our four expert Seasonal Treatments are an essential component for keeping your lawn in excellent health and looking good all year round. We can also advise on your lawn’s health each visit and advise of additional beneficial lawn care services we can offer.

Spring Seasonal Treatments

Spring Grass With Dandelion

Spring is a fantastic time of year, with new life coming through with spring flowers and blossom on the trees. There is no better time to embark on a lawn care treatment plan for the year ahead, as your lawn will be in need of a pick me up.

This can be the most important time of the year for your lawn. With plenty of moisture about and the ground warming up, the grass responds by growing vigorously. It will now require the right amount of nutrients to encourage the grass to fully take advantage of the favourable growing conditions.
Our spring seasonal treatments will:

  • Spread a specialist, professional fertiliser for healthy grass growth
  • Apply weed & moss control products to your lawn
  • Aid the long-term development of a greener, healthier Lawn

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Summer Seasonal Treatments

Summer Grass At Sunset

You will be out enjoying your garden the most during the summer months, it’s important to keep your lawn in top condition with a well-balanced lawn summer fertiliser.

For our Summer we change the balance of the nutrients in this feed, increasing phosphorous and potassium and decreasing the nitrogen content as the demands of the grass plant change. There is sufficient nutrient in the fertiliser to nourish the grass for up to 10 – 13 weeks. Our fertilisers are slow controlled release and do not have to be watered in.

However, if the lawn is dry, watering in will produce quicker results. A summer application of a broad spectrum systemic liquid herbicide is used to control both common and some of the more difficult weeds such as speedwell, trefoils and clover.

Our summer seasonal treatments will:

  • Spread a slow release fertiliser to encourage thick, healthy growth
  • Apply weed control products to your lawn where required
  • Aid the long-term development of a greener, healthier Lawn

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Autumn Seasonal Treatments

Autumn Grass With Leaves

The number of hours of daylight decreases in the autumn, temperatures begin to cool and growth begins to slow down. The still warm weather, damp conditions and the start of leaf fall, can make this time of year ideal for lawn diseases to attack the grass. Each time we treat your lawn we will also check for diseases and are happy to visit separately if you have any concerns.

It is also the key time to start applying moss control to kill the moss in the lawn. Moss is the biggest problem faced by the majority of lawns, particularly those that have been neglected or are in shaded or damp areas. We will apply a low nitrogen high potassium and phosphorous fertiliser for root development combined with an initial application of moss control.
Our autumn seasonal treatments will:

  • Spread a low nitrogen high potassium and phosphorous fertiliser for grass root development
  • Spray with a dedicated moss control to the lawn
  • Apply weed control products to your lawn
  • Check for any insect damage or lawn diseases
  • Aid the long-term development of a greener, healthier Lawn

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Winter Seasonal Treatments

Winter Grass With Frost

As the Winter months become colder and the dark nights draw in there is a temptation to forget about your lawn. At Blue Iris, however, we recognise the need to continue to care for your lawn during this period.
An application of feed containing essential trace elements combined with a very heavy dose of moss control.

Heavy moss growth will be controlled by our moss treatment, however, the dead moss plant does not decompose easily. The lawn may thus require scarifying to remove the dead moss and thatch from the lawn to allow grass growth. Overseeding with grass seed may also be required depending on the amount of moss in your lawn.

Our winter seasonal treatments will:

  • Apply an application of lawn feed containing essential trace elements
  • Check for any insect damage or lawn diseases
  • Aid the long-term development of a greener, healthier Lawn

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