Repair and Renovation

Repair and Renovation

Some lawns that Blue Iris Lawn Care comes across are often in such a poor condition that they require complete Renovation in order to restore them back to full health. The reasons can be complex but are often due to age, overuse, poor maintenance, or recent building work.

A lawn in need of renovation will typically be:

  • Heavily infested with weeds and/or weed grasses
  • Significant quantities of moss
  • Often less than 50% actual grass
  • Poor drainage
  • Badly compacted
  • Excessive thatch layer
  • Uneven surface with bumps and hollows

Why Re-Turf When You Can Renovate?

Lawn Renovation is a much faster, easier and less expensive alternative to achieving a new lawn than completely removing and re-turfing an area of grass.

  • It takes between 6-8 weeks to fully transform your lawn.
  • 75% less cost than laying new turf.
  • The work of Renovation usually takes one working day and with minimal mess and disruption.

Lawn Renovation – An Eight-Step Process

The process of Lawn Renovation can be broken down into eight individual smaller processes. It takes either one or two visits to your property to complete the work. Depending on the conditions prevalent in your lawn Blue Iris Lawn Care may need to undertake most or even all of the following to fully Renovate your lawn.


  1. Weed Control &amp Moss Control: All weeds and moss will need to be killed and removed from the lawn. This process usually takes place a few weeks before the more mechanical processes
  2. Closely mow lawn: The lawn is mowed on the lowest setting
  3. Scarification: The Lawn will be scarified repeatedly until the machine scores the soil surface. This removes remaining dead moss and thatch from around the stems of the existing grass. This ensures that the new grass seed is intimately in contact with the soil.
  4. Aeration: Hollow tine aeration removes plugs from the lawn to let more air back into the root zone, creating a healthier eco-system
  5. Correct any surface unevenness
  6. Overseeding: Applying an appropriate grass seed for the conditions and also for your expectations to help with density or species mix
  7. Top Dressing: Fine Sand/loam is applied to correct small surface irregularities, enhance seed germination, aid thatch control and improve soil structure.
  8. Fertilize: Application of fertiliser after seeding will give a new lawn the best start possible. Blue Iris Lawn Care apply a fertiliser specifically designed to promote the growth of newly seeded lawns. The product’s high phosphorus content encourages strong root growth. Appropriate levels of fast and slow release nitrogen encourage strong shoots to develop and support healthy growth of the new plants for at least 3 months. Magnesium facilitates the production of chlorophyll leading to strong healthy plants.

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