Professional Mowing Service

Professional Mowing Service

All lawns need mowing; it’s the most frequent and most important task in maintaining a healthy good-looking lawn. Many people enjoy mowing, some even find it therapeutic, however, some find it a time-consuming chore. For our customers who have committed to an Annual Programme of Lawn Care from Blue Iris Lawn Care, we offer an annual professional lawn mowing service to give a complete one-stop integrated lawn service.

While mowing and maintaining your lawn may seem like a straightforward, getting a stunning lawn is all in the details. For instance, grass that is too tall or too short can lead to an unhealthy lawn. Just like other gardening maintenance, the schedule for mowing your lawn will fluctuate depending on the season, local climate, and grass type.

Treat Your Lawn With Respect

The leaves of grass plants are its vital organs; it is the leaves that produce the energy reserves that the plant needs for future growth of both root and leaves. The leaves need to be treated with respect. Anything that reduces the size or quality of the leaf affects the health of the plant. Therefore grass mowing should be sympathetic and a compromise between getting the superb-looking lawn you want and what the grass plant needs to survive and stay healthy.

Blue Iris Lawn Care will work with you to establish your expectations about the look and feel of your lawn. How often we cut your lawn depends on the height at which you want your lawn to be. The frequency also depends on other factors such as weather conditions, grass type, and other local environmental factors. Blue Iris Lawn Care always follow the ‘one-third rule’. This rule states that you should never cut more than a third of the grass plant off at each cut. During periods of warm and wet weather, your lawn will grow quicker, since, during periods of cold OR dry weather, your lawn will grow slower.

Your grass will always be cut at the correct height with sharp blades to give you a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Annual Professional Lawn Mowing Programme

A typical annual lawn mowing service and edging programme might follow the following regime:

  • Winter (December/January/February): “It’s had its last cut of the year” is a phrase we hear a lot when the temperature drops in winter. Although grass is dormant in the colder months it does grow albeit very slowly. We will visit every three to four weeks depending on the weather to do a light high cut (topping) and to undertake any leaf and other debris clearance.  This will keep the lawn looking smart, after all, there is no reason to have a ‘scruffy’ looking lawn for one-third of the year.
  • March/April: Growth starts in earnest as the temperature rises, we increase the mowing frequency to every two weeks.
  • May/June: This is peak growth period for grass, we further increase the mowing frequency to weekly cuts
  • July/August: Mowing frequency will ultimately depend upon the weather
    • If dry and hot, growth will slow and it may be possible to reduce the mowing frequency to every two weeks
    • If we have a wet summer mowing should continue bi-weekly
  • Autumn: (September/October/November) Again a lot depends on the weather but mowing frequency is gradually reduced to the point of only three-weekly visits.

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