Overseeding: A Key to Beautiful Lawns

It is often underestimated the impact that mechanical treatments such as Overseeding, Aeration, and Scarification can have on your lawn. Your Annual Lawn Care Programme should take these processes into consideration. Blue Iris Lawn Care know the secret to a healthy lawn is working with the soil and grass sward to create a healthy environment so your lawn can look at its best. 

On existing lawns, overseeding is a recognised and essential part of the annual lawn maintenance. As grasses mature, thinning is normal – especially if you enjoy your lawn and use it often. Overseeding keeps your lawn competitive and steeped in youth as well as vigour without starting over from scratch.  Undertaken as part of a comprehensive, proactive lawn care plan keeps lawns looking great.

Blue Iris Lawn Care know that seeding over an existing lawn – as part of a comprehensive, proactive plan – keeps lawns looking great. Whether this is the first treatment your lawn has received or if already have a Lawn Care Programme in place, overseeding can dramatically improve its overall appearance.

Overseeding your lawn will:

  • Help in-fill damaged or thinned areas.
  • Reduce weed and moss invasion.
  • Injecting new, more suitable grass into your lawn will thicken it and help it to resist disease and drought.
  • Give it a more even colour all over.
  • Improve the wear, and tolerance to shade by increasing the variety of grass.
  • Helps to thicken older, tired lawns.
  • Helps it to recover from scarification treatments much more quickly.

Overseeding is simply spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. The basics of overseeding are the same everywhere. The goals and timing vary based on geography, the type of grass-grown, and the usage.

The specific growing environment where they exist, their level of use, and microclimate all greatly affect your lawn. Our understanding of the underlying principles of overseeding and choice of seed mix will enable Blue Iris Lawn Care to work with nature toward a greener and healthier lawn for you.

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Overseeding an existing lawn with a broadcast spreader