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We offer a comprehensive range of lawn care, lawn maintenance;services designed to restore and maintain your domestic lawn to optimum health and appearance.

Our lawn care treatments and management programmes combine:

  • Regular feeding
  • Weed and moss control
  • Annual professional lawn mowing & edging
  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Hydration and growth control
  • Pest & disease control.
  • Lawn Renovation

Our lawn maintenance programmes ensure that your treated lawn continues to look great by incorporating professional grass cutting service, autumn leaf removal, and where required lawn renovation and repair.

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Seasonal Treatments

Essential treatments for optimal lawn health all year round. Using professional fertilisers specifically engineered to dramatically increase the health and look appearance of your lawn. We will treat your lawn 4 times a year and will offer specific ongoing lawn care advice to you……Learn More

Dandelions and buttercups in the lawn before our services

Weed & Moss Control

Weed & moss control in grass is important and should be carried out during the spring and the autumn. As part of our treatment plan we use a spot weed control with a selective weed killer that is ideal for use on lawns. During autumn we are able to control any weeds using a liquid weed control whilst we are applying your autumn feed. The best approach to controlling weeds in lawns is through growing a strong and healthy grass and spot treating weeds throughout the year.

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Lawn repair & restoration

Damaged lawn or does it just needs some TLC? We have a range of cost effective lawn repair services, including over-seeding using a range of professional quality grass seed types. We can also apply top dressing or root zone soil to improve your lawn.

Earth plugs removed during aeration

Lawn Aeration

Poor lawn drainage or unhealthy looking grass? Over time the soil in your lawn will become compacted, which will have a detrimental effect on your lawn. Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots.

Eliot 501 Scarifyier

Lawn Scarification

We can revive your lawn with our professional scarification equipment to remove the build up of moss and dead grass (thatch). This is an essential annual treatment to improve your lawn’s health by allowing more water, air and nutrients to reach the soil surface.

Fairy Ring

Lawn Disease Control Services

Lawn diseases are usually caused by fungi invading plant tissues and robbing them of essential nutrients. Alternatively, they can be caused by fungi inhabiting the plants root zone and starving the plant of water and nutrients. However caused, turf diseases need to be dealt with to restore your lawn to full health. To control lawn diseases we use market leading soil fungicides that will quickly and effectively deal with the problem.

Chaffer Grubs

Lawn Pest Control

The grubs of the chafer beetle and the crain fly (leatherjackets) feed on the roots of grasses and other plants. These pests can damage your lawn by eating the roots of the individual grass plants. However, predators such as crows, magpies, foxes and badgers can cause significantly more damage. They can ruin your lawn overnight as they dig to unearth this high protein food source lying just beneath the surface. Blue Iris Lawn Care uses a totally biological (organic) control to eliminate these grubs.

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Lawn Hydration Control

A specially formulated wetting agent that helps the lawn’s soil absorb and distribute more water, improving drought resistance and effectiveness of liquid weedkiller and fertiliser treatments. This is especially useful in the typically hot and dry summer period when water will evaporate quickly, leaving a dry lawn and can lead to patches of dead grass.

Reduced lawn mowing

Growth Regulator

Do you want to spend less time mowing or are you going on holiday. Would you prefer not to return to a lawn full of tall grass? Our specialist treatment will slow down the rate of vertical grass growth so you won’t have to mow as often. This will encourage a deeper grass root system, with increased lateral growth, resulting in a healthier and denser sward.

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